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                       A brother's dream  This is a story of two brothers in the inner-city of Venezuela, were soccer is a dream and poverty is the harsh reality. A neighborhood strongly involved with the selling of drugs finally has the reason to cheer and rally behind brothers Daniel and Julio as they lead their local team to the finals of a soccer tournament. A dramatic film directed by Marcel Rasquin demonstrates the limits of a person's innocence's, as younger Daniel is pressured from local gangs and brother Julio. A great movie for the fans who appreciate actors who fit their roles. An independent film that is sure to make its way to the mainstream audience. An excellent thriller where the unexpected has already happened and continues as tragedy strikes, risking the boy's chance to acquire a professional soccer contract.   As a younger Julio and his mother were walking to a birthday party, Daniel hears a noise he presumes is a cat and eagerly runs toward the dumpsters; this was no cat, it was Daniel who was abandoned. Daniel and Julio were not actual brothers, but the older Julio and his single mother took Daniel as one of theirs. This act of kindness is heartwarming and starts the emotional ride. Years would pass and Daniel at 16 would become an offensive machine as his brother Julio at 19 much more built would become the ultimate defensive player and leader of the team. Two fantastic players as soccer fans could learn a couple tricks and relate to their dedication. As Daniel lived, breathed and dreamt of him and Julio playing together professionally; Julio's mind as the oldest was more focused on feeding the family even if the money was dirty. The concept of having a close family friend turn into the bad guy, therefor added Dramatic irony as Julio did not know the murderer which made the story more exciting to watch.        The story is one that is unexpected from the begging, as an abandoned child who was a gift to another family. Life like...

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