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Describe Herman Millers strategy. Is there evidence it has produced a competitive advantage and good financial performance Explain Herman Millers has produce competitive advantages and good financial performance by performing key pieces of activities as their strategies components as follows PRIMARY ACTIVITIES Supply Chain Management and Operation Having agreements with qualified suppliers to deliver parts to Herman Miller production facilities in a just-in-time process. The company outsources component parts to suppliers in order to reduce the fix production cost. Herman Miller uses lean manufacturing techniques to gain efficiencies, cost savings, lower inventories, higher inventory turnover, greater on-time shipments, higher quality, and better safety performance. To speed up delivery time to its customer, Herman Miller mainly used the different manufacturing location operations in many countries. the company uses cross-functional product development teams to facilitate internal innovation, integrate activities across departments, increase the speed of new product development, enhance the commercialization of new products, and provide strategic flexibility. It engages in supply partnerships, outsourcing component production with strategic suppliers to limit fixed production costs, increase profitability, and enable the company to retain control over production processes that have the greatest potential to yield competitive advantages. Sales Marketing and Customer Service All productions are made of recyclable materials and renewable energy. For the builders who used its production will earn points of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. Herman Miller has followed product development and market development strategies with clear emphasis on differentiating its product. It operates in the upper end office furniture market in over 100 countries, although only 10 of its profits were from non-North American countries. The efforts of its...
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