Topics: Inditex, Management, Classical mechanics Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Zara International demonstrates many elements of classical management approaches. Fredrick Taylor’s scientific management is evident through their quick turnaround of runways to stores allowing only 2 weeks for the company to get the attire into stores. Zara’s ability to distribute stock within 24 to 48 hours depending on global location also contributes to Taylor’s scientific management theory. One of the four guiding action principles of the scientific management theory states that you must “develop for every job a ‘science’ that includes rules of motion, standardized work implements, and proper working conditions”. Zara has created a science that works well for the company through their ability to efficiently perform and complete tasks. The parent company of Zara, “Inditex Group” has shortened the time from order to arrival by a complex system of just-in-time production and inventory reporting that keeps Zara ahead. Inditex also controls design, production, distribution, and retail sales to optimize the flow of goods without having to share profits with wholesalers or intermediary partners. They also have followed Taylor’s second guiding action principle, “carefully select workers with the right abilities for the job”. The company employs more than 200 professional designers to help keep up with the latest fashions, thus, following the guiding action principle. Another element of a classical management approach apparent in Zara International’s management is the bureaucratic aspect of “clear division of labour”. The jobs at Zara are well defined, and workers become highly skilled at performing them – that way, the employees are able to be good and quick with receiving the latest fashions within such a short amount of time. In conclusion, Zara International applies the classical management approaches of Taylor and Weber’s foundations of a scientific management and a bureaucratic organization.
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