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I am the descendent of the Yellow Emperor, the self-reliance spirit with self-confidence lies in my body. I,a traditional Chinese girl, bring the spirit of my ancestor Yellow Emperor with me to the United States. Yellow Emperor was the ancestor of Chins who made a great contribution to the development of civilizations and represented a Chinese spirit which includes self-reliance and self-confidence. I use this spirit within my body to solve the language issues I meet and contribute to my country like the Yellow Emperor. My exploration from an over-reliance on my mother to an escape from this comfort zone builds my independence. China has given me much so that I bring my culture to the United States and spread it as a descendent of the Yellow Emperor. Perkiomen, my American high school, is the place I made a determination of spreading the Chinese culture; however my dream broke up when I met my first American roommate. Usually Americans always show an enthusiastic and outgoing impression on the TV, but the girl I met was shy and quiet. When I met Katie, my first American roommate, I mustered my courage and introduced myself to her with a big a smile. Nevertheless, Katie looked not good and I thought may be my accent made her uncomfortable so that she was not willing to talk to me. Her attitude made me upset and I never know that was not my fault until my dorm parent told me Katie missed her family who taught in another school so much so that she moved to the school that her parents in. I realized some Americans here also have an over-reliance on parents. I should be more confident to talk to Americans because I knew my idea and I just needed to talk. I regretted why not talking more to her because she needed more care. I prepared for my next opportunity making friends with an American. I will not give up because I was the descendent of Yellow Emperor. I bring my culture to the United States and I want to spread Chinese spirit of self-reliance....
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