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heres to your health

By lhalia Feb 25, 2014 543 Words

Here’s to Your Health Reading Response Essay
In the article “Here’s to your health” it states that alcohol advertisers use myths to convey people into buying their products. These myths have a job to tell people a lie or a fact that will get people interested with the product. To start, one myth says that alcohol can bring people success. Another myth states that drinking has the ability to make people more attractive. The myth also gives people an idea to think that alcohol and athletics are the perfect combination. Lastly, according to the myth alcohol can make people popular. According to Joan Dunayer these myths are all lies that are used to get people to buy alcohol.

Alcohol is a great way to bring you success. Well according to Joan Dunayer this is totally wrong. Joan Dunayer explains that drinking alcohol can bring people the exact opposite. She also explains that in school the heaviest drinkers have the lowest grades. From life experience I beg to differ; growing up my father would drink alcohol every day and it never had a huge effect on him. He was able to operate machinery the same sober and above the influence. To me it depends on how well a person can handle the amount of alcohol they consume.

According to the myth consuming alcohol has the ability to make people more attractive. Miss Dunayer does not agree with the myth. In fact, she believes the total opposite. She gives supporting details stating that alcohol lowers the levels of male hormones in men and of female hormones in woman. From witnessing others I have witnessed that alcohol does make people more “friendly” and show affection to others meaning that alcohol may have the ability to make people more attractive. From witnessing others I would believe that this myth may be true.

Alcohol and athletes is a match made in heaven. This is what the myth would have you think but according to Miss Dunayer the myth is wrong. She says that alcohol slows people down and it may injure people therefore alcohol and athletes do not go together. From the good supporting details that Miss Dunayer has provided she has persuade me believe that this part of the myth may be wrong. Drinking Alcohol can make you a more popular individual is what part of this myth would have you believe. Miss Dunayer strongly believes that the myth is wrong. She says that “relationships based on alcohol are unlikely to lad to social success and true friendships.” This I do not agree. Again from personal experience I have experience that some people actually make more friends drinking. Also, some of my friends that I have now are some people that I have met at parties where alcohol was involved. This myth may be a fact. According to Joan Dunayer alcohol advertiser uses all lies to get people interested into buying their products. She has given alright supporting details to back herself up on her thoughts and opinions. Based upon my own experiences and knowledge I was able to apply them to these myths and Joan Dunayers thoughts and opinions as well. Therefore from my own personal experience some of these myths may be true.

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