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Topics: Developmental psychology, Educational psychology, Early childhood education Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: December 18, 2013
A. Philosophy Teaching
Ancient Greece and Rome

The Reformation
Martin Luther
Amos Comenious

The Age of Enlighten
John Locke

19th Century

29th Century
Lev Vygotsky
Jean Piaget
John Dewy
B. Behaviour learning theory is learning transmitted knowledge. Teaching should be teacher directed systemic and structure. C. Construction learning theory learning is constructive knowledge. Teaching should let student’s participant in activities that are useful to generate their own knowledge. Early Childhood Programme Models

Head Start – this is for children that their parents have no money to send them to school. High Scrope – the children learn by guidance. This model deals with active learning (Piaget). The learning steps are: Plan, do, review. It was design for low income children but it is now for children with special need. Montessori – the children learn with guidance. Children in a Montessori school are given the lesson for the day and spend all the time they want to on it. They learn how to be independent and their teacher is called a direstist. Regino Emilio – this method was name after a place. Parents are expecting to take part in the child mind. Waldor – this method gives the child time to develop and learn at their own pace. Portage – this is a home based program where the parents or caregiver is the child teacher. It is for children with disability.

Martin Luther can be referred to as the father of Reformation. John Amos Comenius was known as the Father of Early Childhood Education Frobel was known as the Father of knowledge
The person that coined the phrase”Basic School” was Rev Madge Saunders. John Amos Comenius created the first picture book.
Locke believed that children were born as a blank slate
The first play and learn center was established in Jamaica by DRB Grant Locke believed that nurture was more important than nature
Montessori development and...
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