Here Comes the Winter Breeze

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Book Summary
Guns Germs and Steel By Jared Diamond
The Book Guns Germs and Steel an interesting book. It taught me many things that I never knew. It also allowed me to look at history in a scientific way. In this book it shows how modern history has been shaped by conquest of the new world by Europeans. Europeans that came to the new world wiped out the native population. Jared Diamond explains to us the secret to their success was using guns, germs, and steel. Europeans had dominated the world with the use of gun powder and advanced technology. Jared Diamond's journey of discovery began on the island of Papua, New Guinea. There, in 1974, a local named Yali asked Diamond a question, "Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo, but we black people had little cargo of our own?” Yali's question was the start of a great mystery of human history, the roots of global inequality. In the jungles of New Guinea, Jared Diamond had observed that native hunter-gatherers were just as intelligent just like people of European descent. He observed that their lives were tough and he thought to himself how awful that these amazing people should be the conquered, and not the conquerors. To understand the reasons for European success, Jared realized he had to begin his search at a time of equality; a time when all the peoples of the world lived in exactly the same way.

* "The striking differences between the long-term histories of peoples of the different continents have been due not to innate differences in the peoples themselves but to differences in their environments."-Jared Diamond
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