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Walt Disney animated movie Hercules is based upon the famous hero of ancient Greek mythology. However the book and the movie differ in many ways. The book is based on a hero who is fierce, strong and temper headed, uses his strong to get what he wants. The movie is based on a hero who is humble, accidental, charming and clueless, perfect for little kids to attain to. In Gods, heroes and men of ancient Greece the audience is meant to be the elderly, the movie is meant for younger viewers who wish to fantasize about ways it is like to be like a hero and go the distance.

The myth of Hercules; hero of mount Olympus looks largely at the great feats he accomplished during his adulthood to rejoin his father Zeus in mount Olympus. However, the movies plot focuses on his journey form youth to adulthood; form an awkward and geeky looking boy to brave and compassionate hero. Hercules work hard with the half goat and half pig; Phil to become the hero he is. Disney Hercules is born as an infant to Zeus and his wife Hera, Zeus is known as the king of mount Olympus. Pegasus the flying horse which was made form a spick of cloud, also known as Hercules best friend during his journey. Due to hades evil plot, infant Hercules is kidnapped by hades two lackeys pain and panic, they turned Hercules into a mortal baby and taken to earth. Hades, king of the underworld wanted to overtake Zeus his brother for casting him away to walk with the dead almost succeed into killing Hercules. To overtake Zeus he needed to take infant Hercules out of the picture, his potion was meant to turn Hercules mortal so that they could kill him but pain and panic couldn’t finish the job. Deeper into the movie he was told how he was, Hercules discover his true identity and his destiny.

Hercules journey began; he strived to become a true hero to return home, to mount Olympus to be with his family. His goal to find out what it meant to be a hero and overcome the obstacles hades put in his way. Hercules learned that a strong heart is the way to become a hero after he gave his life to hades to save Megs life in the void of deaths hands in the underworld.

The book told another story about Hercules, everything about him finishing the feats was true, and accurate with the movie. Nevertheless the book want more in depth, Hercules often lost control of his temper causing him to break things and kill innocent people. Due to his overwhelming strength he saw himself as equal to the gods, his confident is supremely compared to that of anyone else. Hercules was not born as a full-blooded god; he was born as a demi-god born to Zeus and a mortal mother. Hera hated Hercules and tried to kill him; like she did whit all of Zeus half sons.

Prometheus, the maker of man, he made man form mud. On earth he gave everything to the people, the book talk about how the humans started living in caves, none had fire. Prometheus want against Zeus and bring down fire by a torch give it to human, over time we evolve and learned new things, like hunting, staying warm and other things that keep us warm. Prometheus had to have seen the best off spring of Zeus, Hercules, the son of Zeus and his mortal mother Alchemene who Prometheus made, the great titan who is getting his lever eating by an eagle.

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