Herbert Hoover

Topics: Family, Traumatic brain injury, Surgery / Pages: 3 (651 words) / Published: Mar 14th, 2014
As a mother, you are faced with important decisions, such as the name of your child, how their room should look, and the safely of a home. But not every mother gives birth to a two headed baby. Manar was born on March 30, 2004 in the Benha Childrens Hospital in Egypt. On this day, her mother was put through an emergency c-section due to Manar’s decreasing heart rate. But when doctors finished performing the c-section and safely removed Manar from her mother, they were shock as to what came out. Manar had an attached head which was clearly under developed. Manar’s already weak heart had to pump blood to both of their brains. Doctors predicted that Manar wouldn’t live past infancy and she would die in a matter of days. But Manar and her parasitic twin proved them incorrect. Although the twins lived longer than the doctors expected, the twins constantly had to be watched around the clock in case their heart rate decreased. Doctors soon came to the conclusion that if Manar’s second head is not surgically removed, they would both eventually die, but if Manar goes through surgery to remove the parasitic twin, then Manar may have a chance to live a regular life. Although this decision was difficult, Manar’s parents made the right decision of putting Manar through surgery in order to save their daughter.
Though Manar and her conjoined twin had the chances of surviving together, Manar would be hindered and restricted from participating and experiencing daily rituals such as walking because of the lack of development in her conjoined twin. Putting Manar through the surgery was not only essential for the life of Manar, it was beneficial to the future cases similar to Manar’s. Clearly, Manar’s parents wanted their child to survive the surgery and begin to introduce her to the life they’ve wanted to her to live since she was born, but she only had a 50% chance of making it through the surgery and fully recovering, and if she did recover fully, Manar would possibly have severe

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