Herbert Hoover

Topics: Herbert Hoover, World War I, Woodrow Wilson Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: March 7, 2007

Herbert Clark Hoover was a President of the United States of America that faced many challenges as President. He was elected to office as a Republican with what many believe to be a guaranteed win due to many splits with in the Democratic party. But after obtaining the Office he faced his first major hurdle as President when the stock market fell. Contrary to popular belief President Hoover was a good president because of his work as a geologist, miner, public service and his work as the Secretary of Commerce gave him a wide range of background brought to the Office of Presidency.

President Hoover was a very smart man, especially when it came to the planet we live on. He was an excellent miner for more than twenty years. He worked all over the world as a miner. He worked at the Broken Hills Mine in New South Wales, Australia where he developed a new process to obtain zinc. He worked in various mines in Australia, China, and London over the twenty years. While in China, President Hoover and his wife Lou Henry were stuck there during the Boxer Rebellion.

After working as a miner, Hoover became a humanitarian. His first noted act was assisting more than 120,000 American tourists and businessmen from Europe at the start of World War I. During this time he also led five hundred volunteers as they passed out food and other necessary items to the needy. Next he headed a committee for relief in Belgium. This was called the Committee for Relief in Belgium. The Finns honored all of his dedicated work by adding the word Hoover to their language meaning "to help".

After World War I, President Wilson appointed Hoover as the head of an American Food Administration. His first success was cutting the ratio of food consumed needed overseas to food rationed at home. Hoover also organized food shipments to the starving people of Central Europe in the wake of the war. He also realized he was in a great position...
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