Herbalife Advertisement

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Flavor Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: October 27, 2012
The advertisement that I have choose is Herbalife advertisement. The Herbalife product is a product to help lose weight, gain weight, body shaping, supplement, improve health, improve health, improve skin and improve energy.so, the audience being appealed in this product based on demographic factors is the audience that mostly in their early 30. It is because the people in this age are doing more works. Definitely, they need supplement to stay healthy and get more energy. Besides, the people who are workaholic also suitable drink this product. As we know workaholic is a person that busy with their work and not has more time to get enough nutrition in their balanced diet. By herbalife product, it will help workaholic get enough nutrition. It also does not take more time to prepare it, just in a shake. Next, both gender male and female is also suitable with this product. Other than that, any race, cultural background, ethnic also can drink this product which is no restriction. Furthermore, analyse the appeals which is verbal and visual used to persuade the buyers. Based on verbal, this advertisement used their own slogan to persuade the buyers to buy this product which is “get your daily balanced nutrition in a shake”. It is means that we can get enough nutrition only in a shake. Next, this product is also easy to make, we just need to add some water and shake it. Now it’s ready to drink. Furthermore, based on verbal that found in this advertisement, Herbalife product also introduce 5 flavours which satisfied taste of many race and religion. Those seasoning are Dutch Chocolate, Cappuccino, Strawberry, Tropical fruit and French Vanilla.so, the audience can choose which is the flavour that they are like. Other than that, this advertisement also used colourful and creative background to persuade the buyers to buy this product.

Besides, to persuade a different group of buyers such as athlete to buy this product, we should change the model of this advertisement. We...
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