Herbal Medicines Related Literatures

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Review of Related Literature and Studies

This chapter includes the review of foreign and local related literatures, which is relevant to the effectiveness of herbal medicines as multivitamins. The appeal of herbal medicine to people caught the researchers’ in sights to have further review about this matter.

Any place in the world would know that herbal medicine is. Perhaps, many people have different perceptions about these herbal medicines. Many might doubt its effectiveness and other might not. The increasing population of people using these herbal medicine might tell how effective or how ineffective these herbal medicines are. And in this chapter, the reaseracher will be viewing different of herbal medicine and multivitamins.

Foreign Literature

For thousands of years, plants have played a significant role in maintaining human health and improving the quality of human life. Herbs have been used as food and for medicinal purposes. According ti the sardesal’s herbal medicines: poison or potions, about 80% of world’s population relies on traditional medicine for their primary care needs and most of this therapy involves the use of plant extracts or their active components.1

There are many reasons why people are seeking other alternatives for their health needs. One is because many people perceive natural products to be healthier than manufactured drugs. Also, there is dissatisfaction with conventional medicine. Patients feel that their doctors do not listen to or respect cultural beliefs and traditions, are not knowledgeable or willing to discuss alternative therapies and focus on curing the disease ro condition more than the patient. Additionally, many patients who have chronic or incurable disease such as diabetes, arthritis or depression often believe that conventional medicine has failed them.2

In regards with safety issues, before 1994, marketing of herbal medicines and other dietary supplements had been subject to...
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