Herbal Detergents in the Philippines

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Gimenez, Carissa and Mariano, Jowell

Victoria Natural Herbal Laundry Powder


I. Introduction

Gone were the days when washing of clothes was considered a burden not only to the person cleaning, but also to the environment; this is mainly because of the chemicals in some of these laundry detergents tend to break down the skin’s natural barrier and the water after being rinsed on is already considered useless.

Lucky for all of us, Victoria Natural Herbal Laundry Powder is here. Its self-proclaimed “Super Cleaning Power” is considered to be gentle and safe. There are four characteristics of Victoria that helped it win international awards for product excellence. First, it is 100% natural: there are no synthetic chemicals in the product, no skin irritants that will be left in clothes after washing, no need for fabric softeners and bleaching, and amazingly the used laundry water may be used for plants. Second, it is made out of 100% active ingredients: soap made from – Coconut oil, Alkali and herbal essences; it is also economical since you may use 50% less powder than before for your laundry. Third, it is 100% biodegradable: it is coconut oil based, therefore not harmful to nature and definitely a non-pollutant. And fourth, it is purely herbal: plant essences give clothes a fresh scent even without sun drying.

Victoria Natural Herbal Laundry Powder have won awards from all over the world namely: Grandprix-Best Foreign Invention in Bulgaria for the 5th East-West Euro Intellect Exhibition of Invention, Silver Gild Medal Award in Switzerland for the 24e Salon International and Invention, Gold Medal with Mention in Morocco for the World Exhibit for Invention and Innovation, and Special Award of Recognition in Morocco for the 2nd Morocco World Exhibition of Invention Under the Domain of Water and Environment.

This product is proudly invented and made in the Philippines. It is distributed by the Federated Distributor Inc and manufactured by Daila Herbal Community Enterprises Inc. today. Maria Aleli Pansacola was the inventor of this product way back in the year 1988, what started out as a backyard testing project has evolved to a more marketable product now found in groceries around the vicinity (Shoemart, Shopwise, Landmark, Makati Supermarket, Cash and Carry, Trinoma), it is also made available in bar or powder form. The product is gaining consumers and also starting to be known worldwide. However, aside from the world wide recognition and its rising consumer base, what is most important is the kind of help this brand has offered the poor communities in Laguna. Poor farmers from Laguna are the ones who are in charge of picking coconuts and growing crops necessary for the essential oils in Victoria.

II. Advocacy Foundation

Aleli B. Pansacola and Boy Fajardo were the ones who had a vision to come up with a globally biodegradable laundry soap that will be environment friendly at the same time create an industry in the Philippines that would make use of Victoria’s major raw material which is coconut oil. According to various sources, coconut oil based soap is the best soap in the world. Victoria found a way to harness the full potential of our coconut industry. The following are the corporation’s advocacy: 1) Give livelihood to the communities by buying raw materials that are needed in the manufacturing of the soap such as coco oil and essential oils that are planted by the cooperatives in the community. 2) To produce an internationally bio degradable soap that would be of the best quality. 3) Through one of its marketing scheme this soap is supposed to be distributed for the community.

III. Product/Product Line

Victoria soap is the only biodegradable laundry soap in the world. It is bio degradable as compared to other detergents that has high hard alkyl benzene, sodium Silicate and Carbon compound...
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