Her Letters

Topics: Black-and-white films, Wife, Woman Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Her Letters
Her letters is about a woman who has done something really bad that no one knows about, and the only thing that contains information about are these letters. At the beginning of the story the narrator says that she finds these old letters. Which took place for years ago, and she has been wanting to destroy the, but she hasn’t gotten the courage too. So she starts to throw them in the fire but she ends up stopping. So she leaves it for her husband to find. She puts the letters together tightly in a package and writes something on it so her husband can find it and destroy them. Her husband comes home to find her on the floor dead holding this key tight. He sees the package and as he goes to destroy them he hesitates and wonders what’s in the package. He can feel that they’re letters and thinks about opening the package and reading the letters. It says he goes for a walk in the rain very calmly and he ends up at a bridge. He finally opens the package and sees all of these letters. He goes to open a letter and reads it. Little did he know the woman he thought he could trust was cheating on him? He goes to read another on and another. He discovered his wife was in love with another man. In the end the man kills himself and with him he takes the letters. Element of Realism:

1. Focus on the ethical struggles and social issues of real life situations; “she had meant, then, to destroy them all, his and her own. That was 4 years ago, and she had been feeding upon them ever since they had sustained her, she believed, and kept her spirit from perishing utterly.” 2. Avoidance of the exotic, sensational, and overly dramatic; “she calmly selected a letter at random from the pile and cast it into the roaring fire. A second one followed almost ad calm, with the third her hand began to tremble; when, in a sudden paroxysm she cast a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth into the flams in a breathless succession. Then she stopped and began to pant…” 3. Focus on the...
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