"Her First Ball" analysis

Topics: Dance, Feeling Pages: 1 (523 words) Published: November 3, 2014

3-2 Thoughts and Feelings Leila experienced before and after the ball in the P.E.E/C.C.C format: Leila the protagonist and the main character of the story "Her First Ball" is described as a girl who lives in an area that is quite isolated from the excitement of the city. In fact, she even says that her closest neighbor lives 15 miles away. This is why this event, her first ball, is such a rare and an exciting occasion for a girl like her. In this essay I will be explaining how her thoughts and feelings before and after the ball changes. Before the ball started, Leila feels rather excited as she has a fairytale vision to find her one and only “prince charming”. You can even imagine the ambience of the ball “women are preparing at the ladies' room” “the band is playing a beautiful music” “men are watching at smart ladies”. Her description reveals how she is so intrigued by every detail of the ball. The atmosphere is so exciting and unforgettable for Leila, because it is her first ball. Her feelings are exaggerated because she does not know what to expect. Not only does she feel excited but she also feels nervous and unfamiliar that she might mess up her one special night in a border of city people. Suddenly, the feeling of neglect and the thought of being out of place arose as she watched the ladies do their hair and make-up; things she weren’t familiar with. It even says that she questions herself if her too were meant to do whatever it was the ladies were doing. After the ball, her feelings and thoughts turned out to become the opposite as to before the ball. Her excitement deflated ever since the advent of a fat man whom she danced with. As they move around the dance floor, the old man mentions that he has been dancing at these balls since twelve years before the birth of Leila, he then goes on to telling her the truths about what life has in store for her, truths that are as cruel as Death. “"And you'll smile away like the poor old dears up there, and point...
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