Henry V and Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Leadership development Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: September 26, 2010
GSL 504 Module 2
Henry V and LeadershipDeanna Cunningham

Leaders in today’s work environment are faced with challenges that are similar to challenges faced in the past. Although technology has caused our challenges to be on a broader scale they still represent the same issues that have been faced for years regarding confidence in leadership and how to foster leadership. While in battle Henry V gave his soldiers the freedom of choice to fight with him or if they had the desire to leave, they could. He would not consider them deserters. By doing this he won loyalty and devotion from his men. Henry used rhetoric skill to achieve this result. He did not want his men to leave due to his small army size but he made his men believe the small army size was more desirable. This type of rhetoric is unquestionably invaluable in the leadership role. As Gardner stated, “Effective leaders heighten motivation and confidence-if diminished leaders have a hard time leading” (p. xvi) The film ,Henry V, clearly show leadership development, has gutsy leadership, and shows the five exemplary practices of leadership. A leader needs to carry trust and credibility if he wants his followers to believe in him. Henry showed modeling the way by his behavior throughout the movie. Kouzes and Posner wrote,” Model the way is when titles are granted but your behavior is what wins you respect. Be a good example-live what you say. People follow first the person, then the plan” (p.14). An example of how Henry V stood by his rules and consistency is when Bardolph was to be hung for stealing. He remained strong to his values and had his friend hung. You could see by Henry’s face this was painful for him but he wanted his men to see they could trust him to stand behind the principles set forth. In Leadership Engine Tichy mentions the need for edge. The king shows his edge by his decision. This example can be used in any workplace. When a manager is friends with an employee...

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