Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Topics: Poetry, Human, Edgar Allan Poe Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Ivory Satterfield
3 May 2012
The Rolling of the Tide

Henry Longfellow, one of the greatest poets of all time uses different methods in his poems to help the reader grasp what he was trying to say. In “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls,” Henry Longfellow uses repetition, imagery, and insignificance of humans to illustrate to the reader that the importance of people in this world is exaggerated.

In Longfellow’s poem, he grasps the reader’s attention by using repetition through imagery and the title to explain the traveler’s life. Sara Constantkis states, “Longfellow uses repetition to complement the images of the waves on the beach and provide the poem with a traditional and familiar structure, Longfellow also uses repetition of the poems title emphasizing not only the rolling of the tide, but also the continued passage of life of the traveler.”

Longfellow also uses imagery by moving through different modes in the poem to help the reader grasp the setting of the poem, Lit finder helps us to see, “ As the poem moves from dusk to night and then morning, we are reminded both the brevity of human life and of endless harmony, order, and balance of the natural world.” This helps us to see not only the setting of the story but when the setting changes in the poem it also changes the traveler’s life as whole and helps the reader better understand his character or significance in the poem. As we move through the poem we see Longfellow’s views toward human life, and Lit Finder tells us just that stating, “ The work of this mature poet illustrates Longfellow’s view of human life as a meaningful but transient state.”
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