Henry Morris

Topics: Creationism, Evolution, Young Earth creationism Pages: 7 (2620 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Henry Morris is a very important figure in the evolution and creationism controversy. Morris earned the title of the “father of modern creation science” by making one of the first attempts in the twentieth century to define creationism. (1) Morris supported his beliefs by documenting them with the works such as the Genesis Flood. Even Stephen Jay Gould, one of Morris’ largest opponents, acknowledged the works of Morris as the basis for the creationist movement because he was aware of the influence of Morris’ writing. (1) Through Morris’ strong views that enabled him to write very persuasively, and also his passion for Creationism and promoting the idea of a Creator, he was able to convince many people to join his efforts in a modern creationist movement. With goals of keeping evolution out of schools and the minds of the public, creationists battled evolutionists to convince the public that their view about life on Earth is supported by science. Morris sparked his interest in religion and questioning science when he began studying the Bible at Rice University. After his undergraduate career, he taught civil engineering and founded a Baptist church in Blacksburg, Virginia, and continued wondering about the origins of life (1) Throughout Morris’ education, he developed very firm beliefs about the creation of the Earth and his interpretation of the Bible. Morris accepted the Bible as literally true, and criticized people who said they were Christians but believed that the Bible could be interpreted allegorically. People who do not interpret the Bible literally, in Morris’ opinion, are undermining scripture and going down a downward spiral (2) Morris explained that believing that passages in the Bible were just stories, not to be taken (literally), just leads to more confusion and is almost just as bad as not believing in the Bible at all. Because Morris accepted every detail of the Bible without further interpretation, he was famous for believing in a very young earth and the occurrence of Noah’s ark and the flood. Morris therefore was prepared to counter every piece of evidence that evolutionary scientists used to defend an old earth and the unlikelihood of certain events in the Bible actually occurring. Naturally, Henry Morris received many criticisms, but he was very creative with his rebuttals, and some would say that Morris had a great imagination. Also, Henry Morris was persistent and made it his ultimate goal to stand by his beliefs, and promote them so other people would also get on board with creation science. By looking at Henry Morris’ efforts in defending creation science to evolutionists, the opposing views of the origin of life become apparent, and it is easy to see why there is a controversy between creationism and evolution.

It is safe to say that Morris spent his life trying to seek flaws in evolutionary theory. Many Christians view people who believe in evolution as immoral, and therefore some Evangelical Christians want to follow a figure that advocates creation, and therefore morality in their eyes. Furthermore, Henry Morris was able to influence millions of Americans and find support for his actions such as attempting to introduce creationism in public schools. (1) Morris and his supporters believed that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old and also that a Creator made earth in six twenty-four hour periods, with humans and other mammals created on the sixth day. (1) These beliefs are supported by the book of Genesis in the Bible, and can be relied on as completely and utterly true because they are the word of God. Creationists advocate that humans were not present when the Earth was created, and therefore humans cannot try to explain how everything came into existence. The only person who was there when the Earth was created was God, and therefore the only piece of evidence for when, how, and why the Earth was created is God’s word, which can be found in the Bible. The view of many creationists is...
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