Henry Mercer Research Paper

Topics: Henry Chapman Mercer, Doylestown, Pennsylvania Pages: 4 (991 words) Published: March 6, 2017

For my research paper, I chose to write about Henry Mercer because his art with pottery and title work is very interesting. I decided to learn more about his history and artwork. Henry Mercer was born on June 24, 1856 in Doylestown, PA. As a child, Henry lived with his family members in New York and as a teenager he traveled to Europe, Scotland, Netherlands and other countries with his parents and aunts. Eventually, Henry decided to go to law school at Harvard University, which he graduated in the class of 1879.
After completing high school Henry Mercer went to Harvard University for his liberal arts degree. In this time Mercer was known for his research, books regarding ancient tool making ceramic life creations...

After the purchase of the castle that has been build between the years of 1908 and 1912. This home has complete tower terraces and elaborately decorated rooms that are entirely made from hand-mixed concrete. Additionally, there are more than forty-four rooms, eighteen fireplaces, thirty-two staircases and more than two hundred windows that vary in shapes and sizes. According to reading materials and the tours of Henry Mercere, this home was created with his own tiles, prints and collections of his own. Henry gave his appreciation in an unforgivable way to his aunt Lela Elizabeth Lawrence by creating a room with her initials EL around border in her dedication for the money she left him to build and create his dreams. According to the article The Enduring Legacy of Henry Chapmen Mercer Mercer’s aunt Elizabeth was his greatest influences and she exposed him to her life in the society she instilled in him, which was a great sense of self and independence. Also, Henry Mercer, commonly had dogs since he was the only one living in the castle other than the people who worked for him. Out of the thirty-two stairwells that were in the home of Fonthill, there was another dedication that was made to his dog Rollo, who left his paw prints in the concrete in the Columbus Room as Henry was designing the room along with bright colors and memorable tiles of his own creations. As Henry Mercer was creating and designing his home from the interior to the exterior, he decided that his own was going to be created into a museum so the world could also enjoy his home and all his handcrafted tile...
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