Henry IV

Topics: Battle of Agincourt, Leadership, Henry V of England Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Henry V
Henry is a leader that grows throughout the play to become an excellent inspirational leader. His leadership is shown by the calmness, clarity and most of all the confidence he shows in leading his men. He focuses on his strength as an orator inspire his men to greatness. His influentence as a storyteller allows his men to envision the future. He uses motivation versus measurable goals. In today’s society many leaders should look to motivating versus measurable goals. If the goal is hard to measure it is probably needed. Parents want for their children to have happy fulfilled lives. Leaders want to grow their employees. Henry V was able to motivate his men to overcome seemly unsurmountable odds. In his youth he is impetuous and does not feel the weight of his subject’s hopes and fears. As he grows as a leader his perspective changes to the point he longs for sleep without worry. His thoughts about his country and men are a weight bearing down on him. Henry is able to acknowledge is father’s faults and learns from his mistakes. Henry’s ability to grow into the leadership role after his misspent youth is remarkable. He understands that you must understand the people’s fears, hopes and dreams in order to lead them. Dressing in disguise and going in the camps with his men allows him to gain insight on his strengths and opportunities as well as his men’s. This is similar to the show “Undercover Boss” that is popular today. The show allows today’s CEO’s to gain ground level insights into their organizations. His gift of oracle is that he is extremely persuasive. Henry understands that common goals and common purpose are extremely important motivators. He is able to use this stenghth to rally the men and to instill fear in his enemies. The threats he gives about killing the women and children outside of Harfleur was brutal. The blind and bloody soldier with foul hand

Desire the locks of your shrill-shrieking daughters,
Your fathers taken...
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