Henry Ford

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Although automobiles existed before Henry Ford created his model, he was still a great influence on the country. Ford Motor Company was established in 1905 and "by 1929, half of all Americans owned a car" (Foner, 612). One of the most important thing that Ford had done was adopt the moving assembly line in 1913. This contributed to more people owning cars, which in turn stimulated the economy and increased the need for supplies. Spurring consumerism within the nation, Henry Ford and the automobile were great for a number of things in the economy.

As mentioned before, Henry Ford had established his company, Ford Motor Company, in 1905. In 1908 he introduced his first vehicle, the Model T which sold 34,000 cars at $700 each in 1910 and 730,000 at $316 each (Foner, 553). “By the time the Model T was withdrawn from production in 1927, its price had been reduced to $290 for the coupe, 15 million units had been sold, and mass personal “automobility” had become a reality” (“Automobiles” 2). “The Model T was intended to be “farmer's car” that served the transportation needs of a nation of farmers” (“Automobiles” 2). Who knew it would create such big changes in not only to the United States but throughout the world.

The use of the assembly line dates back to Assyrian times but Ford modeled his assembly line after meatpacking lines (“Assembly Line”, 320). “In 1913, Ford’s factory in Highland Park, Michigan, adopted the method of production known as the moving assembly line, in which car frames were brought to workers on a continuously moving conveyor belt” (Foner, 551). This allowed for the production of these vehicles to be more efficient: with car parts being created faster cars as a whole were also completed faster. The adoption of the assembly line was not only an upgrade for automobile industries; it also enhanced the production of other consumer goods. “Productivity and economic output rose dramatically as new industries—chemicals, aviation,...

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