Henri Fayol

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Gia Asaro
Professor Davidson
Principles of Management
April 1, 2013
Henri Fayol and the Functions of Management Henri Fayol once said, “To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, coordinate and to control”. Fayol, a French engineer and industrialist, was the first to identify the functions of management. To him these functions were known as planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Modern management theorist have changed these functions to only planning, organizing, commanding (leading) and controlling. Henri Fayol
Before the functions were cut down to only four, Fayol’s theory of management was seen to be most effective in any working environment. According to Fayol, planning must forecast the future and always expect the unexpected. Organizing should provide the structure of the organization and recruit, evaluate, and train all personnel. Commanding or leading as an effective manager is to provide supervision and inspire the inferior to work towards a common goal. Coordinating means that managers must match the procedures and activities performed by the company. To coordinate is to make sure that make sure that each activity of the organization complement each other. The last function or element is to control, this means that a manager must make sure that everything is within the organizations plan.
Besides making a path in the world of management by developing the functions of management Henri Fayol also developed fourteen principles. The first of the fourteen principles is known as division of work; which meant that work should be divided among personnel to ensure that each task has equal amount of care and effort put into it. Authority which is affiliated with responsibility, this means that one person has the right to give orders and must be accountable for the orders that they give. Discipline in order to ascertain that effort is being put into the task penalties should be applied otherwise. Unity of

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