Topics: Classical mechanics, Velocity, Acceleration Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Linear Motion
by Meredith Crook
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Lesson Plan


PS.10 The student will investigate and understand scientific principles and technological applications of work, force, and motion. Key concepts include… a. Speed, velocity and acceleration

Title: Linear Motion
Main Concepts: force, velocity, speed, and acceleration

Instructional Objective(s)

UKDs: As a result of this lesson students will:
Understand THAT…
            Forces affect the speed of an object             Acceleration relates to speed
            Velocity and acceleration are not the same thing Know …
            The definition of speed, velocity and acceleration             Velocity includes speed and direction             That mass affects acceleration
            How to explore motion graphically Be able to…
            Calculate the velocity of an object             Graphically draw the relationship between speed and direction             Graphically draw the relationship between velocity and direction                 Describe motion in writing

          Recreate a graph describing motion


How do we move from place to place? Students will most likely say by driving a car, but this lesson will focuses on how the forces helping the vehicle to move.  I will ask questions about something that moves more simply, such as an cheetah.  What does it mean for a cheetah to run 70 miles per hour?  I will show the students a short clip of a cheetah running.  The cheetah has an obvious direction and speed.  But we are curious as to how the cheetah is creating the speed and how that speed is slowed down when the cheetah needs to stop.  The lab will investigate further into how the relationship between speed and direction can be represented graphically.


The students will complete the...
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