Hemp: Industrial Crop or Dangerous Drug

Topics: Hemp, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Cannabis, Rhetoric, Federal government of the United States, Logos / Pages: 4 (842 words) / Published: Oct 28th, 2013
Hemp: Industrial Crop or Dangerous Drug In society today, the Government has always argued both the pros and cons to legalizing the use of medical marijuana and hemp as an industrial harvest to make rope, fibers, oils, clothing and medication. In the article “The Battle Over Hemp on an Indian Reservation,” Virginia Heffernan argues that the Lakota family, The White Plumes, of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, should be able to grow each and every plant that might help the tribe get through this unyielding economical time. Heffernan effectively uses ethos, pathos and logos to actively support her argument in the article. Virginia Heffernan, Ph.D. English major from Harvard, began her television career in 2003 writing for the New York times which led her to work for the Sunday magazine as an internet columnist. She later co-authored a comic novel and became one of the first television critics. (New York Times Article .2007) Heffernan develops her credibility, or ethos, by using a documentary on PBS called “Standing Silent Nation” which was aired July 3, 2007, to show her support for the Lakota Family.(Heffernan). Heffernan focuses her attention on the general or median audience. Her article was published in the New York Times and had a widespread of readers from many nationalities, different ages and a variety of communities and groups. There are certain words Heffernan uses in her article that connect her with the audience and relate her feelings as well as her readers to the Lakota family especially if they were in a similar situation.

After reading the article, Heffernan is clearly angered and touched by the way the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) aggressively tries to stop the harvest of hemp on the Indian Reservation. Heffernan uses pathos by stating that the D.E.A. “Not only seem heartless; they also come across as idiots”. Federal Agents used several strategies like taking truck loads, weed whackers, and even guns to seize the

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