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Project Plan
Project: Home Sweet Home

Shelby Hemingway


Executive Summarypg. 3
Project Objectivespg. 3
Assumptionspg. 4
Constraintspg. 4
Project Dependenciespg. 4-5
Scope Statementpg. 5
Work Breakdown Structurepg. 5
Network Diagrampg. 6
Schedule Planpg. 6-7
Budget Planpg. 7
Risk Registrypg. 8
Quality Specificationspg. 8
Acceptance Testing Process (Project Metrics)pg. 8-9
Human Resource Requirementspg. 10
Responsibility Assignment Matrixpg. 10
Issue and Change Management Planpg. 11
Lessons Learnedpg. 11
Bibliographypg. 12

Executive Summary
The overall purpose of Project: Home Sweet Home is to provide Benny and Mary-Jo with a beautiful, structurally-sound home; meeting their needs and specifications, and within their budget of $300,000.00. Throughout the planning and building processes, our Project Management team’s strategy will be based on the process of setting objectives, measuring results, as well as gaining and providing feedback to ensure growth and progress. Communication will be strong with the clients, stakeholders, subcontractors, and project team throughout the duration of this project as changes may occur due to various factors. In the event of said changes, a Change Management Plan has been created and the client (homeowners) will have the final say in what will be affected. Human Resources requirements and plans have been set to ensure that stakeholders, clients, and the project team are aware of what responsibilities are place unto whom. Therefore, all parties involved are aware of who to communicate with, what milestones are to be met and when, and who to convey concerns/issues with, should they arise. All construction is to be completed by June 30th, 2015, leaving ample time for interior decorating. The following Project Plan will outline the construction of the home, excluding any time needed for interior decorating. As well, this plan will consider objectives, assumptions and constraints, dependencies, scope, work breakdown, schedule plan, budget plan, risk, quality, project metrics, human resource requirements, responsibility, and issue and change management. Project Objectives

The desired outcome of Project: Home Sweet Home is to ensure that Benny and Mary-Jo have a move-in ready, structurally sound, custom home, within their budget and time requirements. The specific objectives are:

Stay within $300,000.00 budget
Ensure that home is built in a manner such that it passes all regulatory inspections and meets all regulatory codes The layout of the home will be open-concept; good for entertaining and raising a family There must be 4 bedrooms. The master bedroom must have an ensuite bathroom, and there must be at least 1.5 more bathrooms in the house All appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer) must be installed by move-in date The home will be built and ready for move-in by Saturday, July 18th, 2015

The assumptions within this project are that:
Funds of $300,000.00 are available to use
A move in date of Saturday, July 18th, 2015
All required permits will be attained

It is reasonable to assume that the budget may come in over or under what Mary-Jo and Benny originally anticipated.

Should any of these assumptions not be true, a re-planning strategy will need to be in place immediately. For example, if permits delayed, it will cause a delay in building time. Should that delay occur, workers will have less time to get the house move in ready by the date provided by the future homeowners. If this scenario occurs, it may be required that workers work overtime, or more workers be used, therefore more funds will need to go into payment of the workers.


Specific constraints related to this project include:
Duration of time to obtain...

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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 5th Edition
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