Hemingway indian Camp

Topics: Suffering, Native Americans in the United States, Father Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: October 11, 2013
"In Indian Camp Nick learns the divergent reactions of men and women in addressing a common goal"

In Hemingway's short story "Indian Camp" we witness Nick's transition from an innocent child into a curious young adult. Throughout the story we encounter many topics, like adolescence, love, maturity, innocence, fatherhood, and suicide. The subject that predominates, however, is the different reactions of men and women addressing the same goal. Nick and his doctor father enter an unknown, unexplored area out of their comfort zone: a Native American Indian camp. Nick's dad wants to expose him to childbirth in order to open his innocent young eyes. Parents like his probably though childhood was too easy. Therefore, his father wants him to learn in this somewhat controlled environment. He thought witnessing bloody childbirth would make him see the messier side of life. Nick´s father wants to ease his way into the less pleasant experiences of life. At this point Nick is cautious and tries not to ask many questions so he doesn’t give away his innocence. Once they see the struggling woman they decide the baby has to be born by cesarean. Nick is shocked by his father’s stoic attitude toward the chaotic environment. At one point when the women cannot stop screaming Nick asks his father if he has any anesthetics for her. The answer is "no." This shocks nick greatly. He has always seen his father alleviating people´s pain and not letting them suffer. At this moment he starts to experience his first transition out of innocence. After Nick's father and uncle deliver the baby successfully, everyone feels relieved. Nick is changed.

Just after the baby is delivered they discover that the woman’s husband has committed suicide. This is a situation the doctor cannot control. Therefore at this point the doctor tries to protect his son at all costs and pushes him out of the room. Nick is more impacted by his father’s reaction and his sense of mortality is awakened. Never the...
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