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A Farewell to Arms
Ernest Hemingway’s novel, A Farewell to Arms, is a story of two people who need and love each other in a time of war. This novel follows the steps of narrative structure. The narrative structure of this novel can be divided into five subsections: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution/denouement. Hemingway’s novel is a rather simple love story that had a tragic ending. The two main characters in this story are Frederick Henry and Catherine Barkley The exposition is the portion of a story that tells important background information to the audience. In the first few chapters of this novel, we learn about the protagonist, Lieutenant Henry. We also learn of a nurse named Catherine Barkley. Lieutenant Henry was an American ambulance driver who enlisted in the Italian army. Although we did not learn much about Barkley’s past, we did learn that her fiancé was killed in battle in France. In the first few chapters, we also learn that this novel took place in Italy during World War I. Once Henry and Catherine are casually introduced, they immediately start playing a love game. Catherine and Henry continue spending time with each other as their love affair develops into a relationship. When Hemingway introduces Catherine she is mourning the death of her fiancé. She is extremely beautiful and has the most sensuous hair Henry has ever seen. The death of her fiancé launches Catherine into a reckless game of seduction. Her feelings for Henry soon intensify into passionate love. Although Henry is in the Italian army, his life lacked passion until he met Catherine. Despite Henry’s cynicism about love, he still fell in love with Catherine.

When Henry is injured by an Austrian shell, he is sent away from the front line to a hospital in Milan to recover. He learns that Catherine is at this new hospital that he is being transported to. Once fully recovered before returning to the front line, Catherine confesses to him that she is...
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