Hemingway's Code Hero

Topics: The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, Death, A Farewell to Arms Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: September 17, 2008
Hemingway’s Code Hero

1.Explain what is meant by Hemingway’s Code hero.
“Live by the code, die by the code.” Such is the life of the code hero. The question is what rules the code contains? Hemingway himself defined them as “Living correctly and ideally with honor, courage and endurance, not matter how chaotic, stressful or painful the world might be.” Hemingway’s code heroes always lose, no matter how much they strive to uphold the code. How big a hero a man is, is defined by how hard he try to do good deeds. This is also why the code doesn’t believe in an after-life. Everything there is and ever will be is your actions in the present, so you got to make the best of it in a just and honorable way. Hemingway also places a responsibility of dodging dead on the shoulders of the hero. Since the hero doesn’t have anything, but his life he will try to avoid death, but the Hemingway reader will notice how the hero is always placed near death. Hemingway confronts his characters with death, but the character doesn’t seem afraid. That would be cowardice, a feeling which isn’t a part of the code. In the stories the hero himself believes in “nada”, a Spanish word for nothing. This means that hero doesn’t have any clear goal, but just lives as the day comes along.

Also the code hero is quite a natural at whatever he’s doing. The code hero will never compromise with anything mediocre, neither will they allow mediocre people to be in midst. This goes for anything that the code hero might do. Whether it’s his occupation or if it’s drinking alcohol the code hero will be the best at it. The code hero won’t be a drunken slop, but will know how to hold his liquor.

Farewell to arms
The main character is the young ambulance driver Henry. When we’re first introduced to Henry he’s living completely by the nada concept, but is far from a code hero. He lies with all kind of women and he’s a heavy drinker. Then he meets the lovely British nurse Catherine. For her he leaves...
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