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Video Analysis - "Helping Annie"1

Video Analysis - "Helping Annie" 2




JULY 28, 2014


Video Analysis - "Helping Annie"

The video presentation involving the caseworker, school nurse, and the psychiatrist, discussing possible methods of helping Annie is in my opinion a great video to utilize for an analysis of group communication and diversity styles. The participant of this group consisted of three individuals, one male and two females and their attempts to assist a 17-year-old high school student by the name of Annie. Annie potentially suffers from an eating disorder and a level of depression. These issues were present as being identified through the school's nurse who in turn sought the help of the caseworker and psychiatrist. This grouping of people, each possessing a different personality, set of ideas, skills, and job titles provides an effective method of identifying a variety of techniques that Annie may benefit from. As a result, diversity in the group is present.

This specific group/team is considered a heterogeneous group due to all of the individuals be considered the same. Max's belief is that the most effective approach is to aid Annie is through medication. However, Judy, the female nurse has had conversations with Annie and following these interactions perceives that the most effective method to aid Annie is a form of group therapy. The caseworker (other female) possesses similar thoughts as the nurse and perceives that some form of group interaction would deliver the best results toward determining what would aid Annie the most. In my opinion, the diversity of the group was indeed a factor in the styles of communication, which certainly led to problems in communicating. For instance, the psychiatrist strongly possessed the belief that his solutions were effective, which resulted in him ignoring other viable ideas from the others and causing...
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