Helpdesk Automation

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LIA Project Proposal
"Helpdesk Automation"
Wouter van Dongen
Stefan Roelofs
February 24, 2009
1 Introduction
For the LIA project we would like to investigate helpdesk automation for internal IT support in organizations. In the light of developments on automated incident analyzes tools [1] [2] we would like to investigate their possible improvement on incident management processes. In the outcome of this project, we will describe the di erent processes of incident management (ITIL), current technical and procedural setbacks and possible (automated) solutions for helpdesks. During the project, as a case study, we will interview a number of organizations on their current incident management process.

2 Research question
The main research question of this project will be:
 What is the ideal combination of resources and tools on helpdesk automa- tion for internal IT support?
During the research, the following (ITIL v2) incident management processes will be taken into account [3]:
- Incident registration (creation of incident records)
- Classi cation & initial support (type identi cation)
- Matching (relations, known errors)
- Analyzes & diagnosis (investigation of cause and solution) - Closing (user feedback)
Other service management processes (problem management, change manage- ment) will not be part of the research.
3 Approach
During the project, we intend to follow the next approach.
 Collect past research on subject
 De ne research subtopics
 Perform research on incident management processes
 Make arrangements on interviews for case studies
 Prepare & conduct interviews
 Make nal report
4 Planning
In the coming four weeks, we intend to follow the next planning. All activities will be conducted by the two of us. Therefore, a workdivision will not be part of this proposal.
 Week 9: make project proposal, concrete working topics, plan interviews, research on incident registration.
 Week 10: prepare interview questionnaire,...

References: DIGIMIMIR: A Tool for Rapid Situation Analysis of Helpdesk and Support
E-mail, 2004
operations, 2000
[3] Lex Hendriks
IT Servicemanagement, 3e editie, 2002
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