Help with Obesity for Low-Income Families

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Agriculture Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: July 24, 2011
Help with Obesity for Low-income Families
Victoria Rock
AIU Online

Obesity has become a major problem here in America. Although millions of American’s are affected by it, from all levels of society, the biggest problem seems to be focused with low-income families.

Help with Obesity for Low-income Families
It has become impossible for low-income families to provide healthy meals for their families. Government, Farm policies and the food industry itself are main reasons as to why the cost of healthy foods has become harder for American families, especially low-income families, to provide the healthy foods needed to fight the obesity epidemic. With low- income families being the main focus point on the problem of obesity in the eyes of society, because many believe that they waste there assistants on junk foods, which is far from fact, the cost of healthy foods has become far too expensive for many Americans to purchase especially low-income families. The fact is low-income families are in need of more and better help in the fight against obesity. Problems that Contribute to Obesity

There are many factors that contribute to obesity; genetics, health issues, medications, self-esteem, and stress are major contributors. But also for low-income families you can add risk factors associated with poverty such as; limited resources and assess to healthy and affordable foods. The Food Stamp Act of 1964 was enacted to help prevent hunger and improve social conditions for families with low incomes. (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program:Legislative History, The Food Stamp Act of 1964) With the way our economy has been declining, over 40 million Americans are now receiving food support because they now fall with-in the Federal Poverty Guidelines which determines if you receive food support for your family. (2011 Federal Poverty Guidlines, 2011) The BMI is another way that doctors and scientist keep track of a person’s body fat. This information...

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