Help the People in Need

Topics: Child, Poverty, Childhood Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Death is a scary thought to some people however others are fascinated by it. Many ordinary children do not think about death because it is not something a child wishes to think of. A childhood is supposed to be comprised of fantasy and dreaming of being a fireman, or an astronaut, or even a fictional character; but for the childhood of millions of children all around the world, their dream is merely to live.

The horrifying sad truth of our world is that there are 33,000 innocent children dying under the age of five every day just because of malnutrition. (911 and starvation, Mylan Engel Jr.) Not because they refuse to eat, not even because they have bad parents, but solely because they are homeless and cannot find any nutrition. These children can not help the fact that they are dying at all, they search throughout dumpsters and gutters just for one bite, but they still die. The price to keep one of these children hydrated for a few days is only fifteen cents.

How much money is wasted everyday on needless items, and unnecessary products? Too much, and many people don’t realize that they too can be a huge contributor to someone’s life. Imagine the situation: you are a young child four years of age, and you are literally dying for food, no one will help you, and you live on your own. Cant picture that? Don’t want to? Then think of your child dying because you cannot afford to feed him at such a young age. All the double cheeseburgers, French fries, fancy dining restaurants and other un-necessary expenses can easily be decided against. These prices, if counted, can add up to about one hundred and fifty dollars a week for most people. What is probably not known is that a child can be saved for almost this amount. Two hundred dollars donated can save a child until he or she is six years of age, and able to fend for his or her self. Anyone who would disagree with the fact that you should help the poor is ignorant, and selfish. The excess amounts...
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