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Topics: Osama bin Laden, Thought, George W. Bush Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Actions speak louder than thoughts.

One person’s actions clearly show more importance than a person’s thoughts. A person can think or vocalize their beliefs and thoughts, but until the person actually performs the actions, they have no impact on others.

A prime example of this would consist of the first war of Scottish independence, where many Scottish people thought and dreamt of freedom, but it wasn’t until this actions of a brave landowner, and assassination of William de Heselrig, the English high sheriff of Lanark, in May 1297, which led to others joining his actions and eventually lead to a truce between England and Scotland in 1302. If William Wallace never acted, just thought, this truce may have never happened. Another example would derive of George bush. For years and years George bush just thought, and said, he would capture and kill Osama bin laden. A person can profess to believe in peace, in love, and in a warless world. But then direct their armies to kill everyone in their neighboring country and keep their people in a state of fear. Which matters more in that case – their thoughts, or their actions? It’s clear that actions matter more. “Authentic patriotism is not about you, what you believe or what you think is right . . . . Authentic patriotism is not an opinion. It is an action.” –Stephen Kiernan. Which means that it doesn’t matter what a person believes in or what a person thinks about their country. It matters what they do for their country and how they treat it. A person can believe their entire life that their country possess the title of the greatest in the entire world; however, until they prove it through their actions, it means absolutely nothing. “Some of the most powerful speeches I have given have been delivered in the dedicated silence of my actions.” –Steve Maraboli. Actions are what show how a person feels about a certain topic or situation. A person’s thoughts mean nothing to the world. All thoughts show is that you...
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