Hello Kitty Obituary

Topics: Hello Kitty, Funeral, Apple Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Kitty White, better known as Hello Kitty was born in London in 1974, in the suburbs outside of London. This adorable cheerful, warm-hearted little kitty loved baking cookies for her friends and family. Hello Kitty lived with her father, George White, mother, Mary White, and twin sister, Mimmy White in the suburbs outside of London. She loved wearing a red bow on her left ear and really enjoyed Traveling, learning about the world, eating her mama’s apple pie, candy, stars, and goldfish. This adorable third grader, who only weighted the same as three apples and standee five apples tall, loved small, cute things, and helping others. Hello Kitty passed away on 2004, when she turned 30yrs old. She had gone to a lake to have picnic with her family, but unluckily she fell on the lake, when running around with other friends. Her leg had got caught up with some plants under the water , they say, that she struggle to get out, and her family did everything on their hands to help her, but by the time they were able to take her out, she was barely breathing. The London University hospital pronounced her death at 4pm on august 20th, 2004. We will always remember this amazing little kitty that made our hearts believe one more time and that kept our inner child alive with her sweetness and innocence. We ask you to please join us, at the funeral service this august 22nd, 2004 at 5pm at Sanrio funeral home in order to honor her memory. We hope you join us there in order to the give the last goodbye to our amazingly sweet Hello, Hello Kitty.
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