Hello Kitty

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Bob Dain
Professor Cory
July 18, 2011

Informative Speech: Hello Kitty
“You can never have too many friends,” is what my childhood character, Hello Kitty, once said. Hello Kitty, also pronounced as Harokiti in Japanese, is known as the white cat with a red bow and no mouth, but behind all of her worldwide recognition, there are a lot of things most people do not know about Kitty herself. Today, I will be telling you about: her life, who invented her and how they were inspired, and Hello Kitty’s rise in corporation. Yes, Hello kitty does have a life of her own, but you will be surprised about her stories. Well, I sure was. First I will be telling you about Hello Kitty’s life. She does have a family: her grandpa, Anthony, grandma, Margaret, father, George White, mother, Mary White, and twin sister, Mimmy White. Hello Kitty’s real name is actually Kitty White, with that, she got her name Hello Kitty in 1975.To tell the difference between Kitty and Mimmy, Kitty wears a red bow, her favorite color, on her left ear and Mimmy wears a yellow bow on her right ear and Mimmy is much more shy than Kitty. Hello Kitty UK states that, Kitty and the rest of the White family live in a red roof, little white house in London. Kitty weighs about three apples and is tall as five apples, and her blood is type A. She loves to bake and her friends think that her cookies are very good. Her birth sign is a Scorpio. Her favorite food is apple pie made by her mom, and her favorite subjects are English and music, which inspired her to want to become a pianist or poet, according to Web Articles about Hello Kitty. Kitty did have a boyfriend named Dear Danial but he had to leave with his parents to Africa, so now she has a new secret admirer, a classmate of hers named Tippy. Kitty today would be thirty-seven years old. In this world, Kitty has many friends: Cathy, Joey, Tippy, Fifi, and many others. She loves to take her tricycle around and go shopping and go play tennis,...

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