Hello Healthcare: Taking a Cooperative Business into Africa

Topics: Africa, Cooperative, African Union Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Hello Healthcare: taking a cooperative business into Africa

Going international is a high-risk stage in development for every company. This process becomes harder and more unexpected when we talk about emerging market such as Africa. In this case the founder of Hello Healthcare (HH) used to deal with a lot of challengers, but also he received an access to unsaturated market. The decision to expand the operations internationally was made after the careful researches of the market situation. Mr. Zucchi took all factors into consideration. He has a clear understanding, what kinds of opportunities and threats are typical of African regional market, what business model is more suitable in such market conditions, and what plans his company has for future. It is possible to say, that this well-considered decision will bring new additional benefits and profits. Regarding the economic situation of that time, African market had better prospects as Southeast Asia and South America and offered numerous advantages for investors, especially from Europe. Countries from African continent were the fastest growing economies in the world and the most of them were untouched by the financial crisis. Africa has the same time zone as Europe and its business cultural can be easily adapt to the European one. Africa has a service-oriented culture and the market of approximately one billion people with a rapidly growing middle class. The main disadvantage of African market is a lack of transparency, that’s why people used to get information from headlines. But for people who can identify and realize the differences between real and perceived risk this market can provide great possibilities for development. For Mr. Zucchi’s company Africa opened different options for business operations. First of all, healthcare sector was fragmented. It means, only less than 20 per cent of population used the services of a well-funded, world-class private healthcare industry, while the rest had to...
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