Topics: English-language films, Stairway, Family Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Sadie Jessen
The Farm

The life on the farm is characterized by time spent finding treasures. In the life of a typical child you love to explore, learn, and grow. Well in my childhood years of my life I loved to do all that too but at the young age of 6 I was an experienced treasure finder. My grandfathers and grandmother’s farm where I spent a lot of my childhood years is located at 22926 river road north Crescent Iowa 51526. It is interstate 680N on the outskirts of north Omaha the only two things that separate them is the Missouri River and the Mormon bridge. My grandmother’s house was an older country houses which had been updated in the early 70’s with inside plumbing which means the house is very old. The house from the outside is a typical 3 story, white and blue country houses with a big blue front door and a big country porch. Surrounding the house are big beautiful rose bushes that give off such a fresh smell. With gardens of an array of flowers from north, south, east and west of the house. Not to mention there was a gigantic jungle gym with 3 slides and a ginormous trampoline with fenced in netting. From the inside of the house though it was like a treasure chest. Walking through the BIG blue door is where the magic in this story begins. As you set foot onto the green carpet, the smell of fresh baked cookies right out of the oven overwhelms my sweet tooth. At first sight though there is lot to see within eyes reach. The first thing that always grabbed my attention was the BIG jewelry box. The jewelry box was taller than I was, much bigger then I was, and as I could see was heaver then I was too. As I always approached the big jewelry box with always such amazement looking up at it, my little hands reached out and pulled back both french doors of the wooden jewelry box and at once I became blind. Whenever you’re younger things seem brighter, shiner, and way more magical. In the same way as I remember it then it also...
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