Hellen Keller Biography

Topics: Helen Keller, Blindness, Radcliffe College Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Being deaf or blind is a breathtaking conflict for many people around the world, but that was no excuse for Helen Keller to throw away her hopes and dreams. Helen has been through some rough times when she thought she was just going to lose it. However, when she met Anne Sullivan, a visually impaired student, she learns to do things she never thought she could do in her lifetime.

Although many people were born with being deaf and blind, Helen’s first steps weren’t full of darkness and silence. On June 27, 1880, she was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen and her family lived on a homestead, called Ivy Green, which her grandfather built decades earlier. Her parents are Kate Adams Keller and Colonel Arthur Keller. Her father was the editor of the local paper.

At 19 months old, Helen was struck with an illness, congestion in the brain and stomach. Doctors say that it is most likely scarlet fever. After the sickness passed, it left her disabled from speaking and hearing before her very first words. As time passed, Helen grew from infant into a child; she was a rowdy, disobedient child. She was a daredevil that had no boundaries. One day, a school director, Michael Anaganos, asks his former student, Anne Sullivan, a visually impaired student to become Helen’s instructor.

Anne Sullivan arrived at Helen’s house and began immediately by spelling out the word doll, that Anne gave her as a gift, in her hand. At first, Helen was frustrated because she didn’t understand why everything had to have a name. She got so frustrated that when she was learning the word “mug”, she broke the doll. Finally, when Keller thought she was going to go mad, she recognized that when Anne was running cold water on her hand and spelling out words on her hands, symbolized water. From that point on, Helen has been yearning to know every word in the world. After many years studying with Anne, she became motivated to help other people around the world to overcome being blind...
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