Hell's vision

Topics: Debut albums, Field, English-language films Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Charles Yu
English 12
Ms. Crupi

The brutal battle lasts for three days, the general Wu fights until his death. Since the invader has number advantage, Wu fails to protect his country and its people. Losing one of his whole arm, He lays down at a hill of the battle field peacefully. Looking around the battle field, he feels desperate; the sky is red, so as the grass. All his soldiers are either died or captured. Wu starts to lose his consciousness, everything seems to fade away and becomes blurred. Knowing his death is closer and closer, He closes his eyes. Images of Wu’s family emerge from his mind. While the enemy approaching, everything becomes white. He faints. When Wu wakes up, he finds himself standing in a beautiful lovely garden. He looks around, everything is just so peaceful and fragrant. He asks himself, “Am I in heaven?” When Wu is trying to bend over in the fields and pick up a vermilion flower, the flower dies immediately. Suddenly, the earth beneath Wu opens up and swallows him. He falls into an endless abyss. “Wu! Are you okay? Wake up!” A male’s voice fades in.

“Who is calling my name? Where am I?” Wu opens his eyes dazedly. “Welcome to Hell, my son.”
“Father!?” Wu shouted in surprise, “Why am I here? I do not deserve this!” “Don’t worry my son, I am your guide. After this journey, we all can go to heaven. ” His father clams him down. Wu’s father, Dr. Ji, was one of the best doctors in the country. He was famous for his kindness and leniency. He always helped ill people even they cannot afford the expense to see a doctor. Unfortunately, he failed a very important surgery on local government’s son.
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