Hell's Angels

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Crime, Hells Angels Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Hell’s Angels
Members of the Hell’s Angels Refer to themselves as “one presenters”. A half century old boast playing off the saying that one percent of trouble markers give a bad name to ninety-nine percent of respectable bikers. The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang is known as a group of “outlaws”, bad boys making their own rules and doing what they want. This group has been around for a long time, starting trouble all over the United States and other countries. They have done everything from drug trafficking to assault; this gang is no one to mess with. During the 1960s around the time of the world wars this group of individuals was considered a militant group. Now they are considered a dangerous motorcycle gang to stay away from.

The Hell’s Angels have put a big impacted on California sense 1948. The Hell’s Angels motorcycle club was formed in 1948 in the town of Fontana in California. During this time military surplus made motorcycles cheep and affordable. Meanwhile most of the veterans from the world wars were just sitting around with nothing to do, they decided to buy motorcycles and join in for the adventure. The Hell’s Angels gang remained in California until 1961, they opened there first chapter in Auckland New Zealand. The main guy who started the gang was a veteran by the name Otto Friedli. Eventually the club was across most of the United States and in 30 other countries. They say “the club was fueled by the outlaws making their own rules. (James)” On average a Hell’s Angels “members ride over 20,000 miles a year on their Harley.” (James Randy) This is how the club got to be so big.

The Hell’s Angels club is not a normal club. The Angels club reputation is a criminal organization pointing to its frequent work on behalf of kids and veterans. The Hell’s Angels modo is “when we do right nobody remembers, when we do wrong nobody forgets.”(James Randy). Therefore the Angels do a lot of illegal deals to bring millions of dollars into their club. The...
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