Helio Display

Topics: Mobile phone, Projection, IMAGE Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Even though modern technology has invested millions, even billions, into projection screentechnology, high definition projectors, and even projectors for our cell phones, we have forgottenthat we will always need something to project on. We have been using the walls of buildings, andother screens for the projections. Th e “space” is one such option that can also be used for

However, that can be used with the
or Fogscreen projector invented byChad Dyner.The Heliodisplay is an air-based display using principally air that is already present in the operatingenvironment (room or space). The system developed by IO2 Technology in 2001 uses a projectionunit focused onto multiple layers of air resulting in a two-dimensional display that appears to float(3d when using 3d content).Displaying an image using conventional projectors requires a non-transparent medium, typicallyscreens, walls, or even water, but air, which is transparent, cannot be used. A more recentdevelopment is the FogScreen, which creates an image in midair by employing a large, non-turbulentairflow to protect the dry fog generated within from turbulence. The result is a thin, stable sheet of fog, sandwiched between two layers of air, on which an image can be projected and even walkedthrough. The Heliodisplay creates a similar effect, but, instead of fog, it uses a cloud of microscopicparticles.The Heliodisplay creates a particle cloud by passing the surrounding air through a heat pump, whichin turn cools the air to a level below its dew point, where it condensates, and is then collected tocreate an artificial cloud. The particle cloud is composed of a vast number of individual microdroplets, between 1-10 microns in diameter, too small to be visible to the naked eye, held togetherby surface tension. The focus and illumination intensity of the projected image can be controlled bychanging some of the cloud's properties, enabling a sharper and...
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