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Old age or ageing is the sequential or progressive change in an organism that leads to an increased risk of disability, disease and ultimately death. Demographic ageing is a global phenomenon. India is still poised to become home to the second largest number of older persons in the world. The socio-economic problems of the elderly are now a days aggravated by factors such as lack of social security, inadequate facilities of health care, rehabilitation etc. Living arrangements of the older people are influenced by several factors such as gender, health status, presence of disability, socio-economic status and societal traditions. They face a lot of problems due to the ageing process like senile cataract, nerve deafness, austeoporosis, failure of senses, bronchitis, Alzheimer, rheumatism etc. Psychological problems of older people like emotional disorder due to maladjustments, failure to adopt can result in bitterness, inner withdrawal, depression, weariness of life and even suicide. Sexual adjustment due to cessation of reproduction by women and diminution of sexual activity on the part of men. As a result, physical and emotional disturbances may occur. Social problems due to mental changeslike impaired memory and resistance to change are often seen among elderly. Reduced income leads to a fall in their living standards. Pension and social security is restricted to those who have worked in public sectors and industries. They are confronted with financial insecurities and lonliness. India belongs to the traditional eastern culture, where family ties continue to be relatively strong. With urbanization, families are becoming nuclear and are not always capable of caring for older relatives. There are still cultural pressures to look after the parents in the family. Nowadays young generations generally migrate to distant places for jobs and establish their households there. Sometimes they take the elderly along with them. But in most of the cases, the aged are

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