Heineken N.V.

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Heineken N. V.: Global Branding and Advertising

Company Introduction and Summary
Heineken N.V is the world’s most leading brewing company that consists of over different 80 brands such as Heineken, Amstel, Buckler and Murphy’s Stout through international premium, regional, local and specialty beers and operates in more than 170 countries. Since arising from Netherland, Heineken has started to grow internationally by not only granting licenses with original formula, but also reaching out to influence its foreign existing partners to ensure tight control over production and marketing. Although it has a towering global presence, Heineken has long been perceived differently from one market to another and more importantly, there is a clear inconsistency between its global brand image and local marketing campaign. With all the results and discoveries found about the common perceived values of Heineken brand across all specific markets through Project Comet and Project Mosa, the company pursues to build a standardized global brand image by all means. Heineken aims to build central marketing strategies that integrate a global brand advertising campaign and diverse local marketing adaption, and also identifies and thus provides branding analysis, marketing mix for the local markets to deliver the consistent messages of brand, in an effort to promote successfully a global brand and to support local marketing through effective communication methods.

Heineken’s SWOT Analysis
Heineken N.V. has all essential strengths to be a global brand. Each beer has a long tradition, superior quality and reputable taste presented in attractive packaging and makes itself popularly known to Europe and worldwide through heavy TV advertisement as a premium bear. Its company has not only dominated Netherland and been viewed as a mainstream brand but also made a lot of successful acquisitions that strengthen its core beer business. Furthermore, Heineken N.V. has many opportunities to increase its sales such as the undeveloped markets like Africa and Asia, and the potential growth in favored beer and drought beer market. However, Heineken has no production bases on other countries and the lack of worldwide and unifying advertising campaign also result in declining its sales volume. More seriously, its brand perception is different across the world. It is respectively viewed as a mainstream beer, an occasional beer and a barely imported beer in Netherland, US and Latin America. Heineken also faces enormous challenges such as price competition from European market, variation in markets on the basis of consumption habits and preferences, and different cultures in the global market.

Heineken’s two Projects
Two projects Comet and Mosa strive to clarify and establish Heineken’s true global brand identity and communication in order to utilize all its strengths and opportunities but at the same time minimize weaknesses and threats against the company. In Project Comet, it points out that the brand’s desired image of good taste is built on 5 core brand values: taste, premiumness, tradition, winning spirit and friendship. All of these five values are required to be thoroughly reflected in one way or another through the locations, situations, relationships, casting, lighting, style, and tone used in each commercial in order to differentiate Heineken from its competitors. Project Mosa finds that premium beer closely relates friendship and taste should be built based on enjoyable, personal and luxury social conditions such as meeting people, fancy meals, elegant parties and nightclubs, and important indications of beer taste such as taste experience, balanced taste, foam, packaging, and advertising. Besides, the project indicates the friendship value would be presented in several social conditions through “true friends” and “consumers can count on Heineken as a friend” expressions, and taste value on both guaranteed, high quality and exquisite and profound...
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