Heineken CRM

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Customer Relationship Management

The Company

Wholly owned subsidiary of Heineken N.V.
150 Year old company
119 Breweries in 65 countries
Employment level of 54000 people
The brewery's brand portfolio includes
Ireland's No 1 lager - Heineken, Amstel,
Coors Light, Affligem, Paulaner, and
Zywiec, Sol &  Moretti

119 breweries in more than 65 countries*
54,000 employees*
Consmptn. Beer Volume: 119.8 million hectolitres (2007)

Heineken Ireland

• Highly competitive market, facing
increasing pressure
• Therefore it is vital to ensure that a
customer’s favourite pint is always served
at a consistently high quality
• Heineken Ireland schedules 24,000 line
cleans every month
• Heineken Ireland decided to mobilise its
field service application, Siebel CRM, which
was installed in 1999

Heineken Ireland
CRM goals
• Aim: To reduce the time taken to update
systems, thereby maximising its value to
users throughout the organisation
• To improve two-way communications
between the field and the office
• To ensure that the new communications
system kept staff fully informed

CRM Solutions
• Antenna Software’s AMPower Service on RIM
BlackBerry devices
• Supports multiple devices and networks and
mobile connectors into more than 40 enterprise
• The seamless integration into Siebel allows DSRs
to benefit from receiving their work schedules
wirelessly on their mobile device
• To review the customer’s history; schedule their
visits and update the back end system when each
service is completed

CRM Solutions
• Gives the management team much earlier
visibility of any issues that needs to be
• Provides end-to-end management of
Heineken’s mobile solution through the
Antenna AMP Gateway
• 24x7 proactive network monitoring,
transaction reliability, zero IT overhead
and maximum scalability and service

CRM Solutions
• Detailed customisation of the field service
application in order to tailor it to Heineken
Ireland’s specific business requirements
• Enables management to gain much better
visibility of the service, cleaning and
installation activities
• Unscheduled break/fix requests are now
much easier to manage

CRM Results
• Enabled Heineken Ireland to reduce reporting
cycles from a minimum of 7 days down to 24
• Allows engineers to close off jobs after every
customer visit
• Enables DSRs to ensure that scheduled cleans
can be conveniently timed
• Runs on the O2 network which provides excellent
coverage throughout Ireland
• Even at remote locations, ensures that the
engineer’s device and the Siebel system will be

Future Plans
• Heineken Ireland was able to maximise the
ROI from its Siebel application; improve
the service delivered to its customers and
increase visibility and reporting capability
for management
• Heineken has now rolled out a mobility
project with Antenna Software and RIM to
aid its merchandising team to track
product placement and positioning

Heineken UK

• In a fast-paced sales environment, hours
spent toiling over complex admin
processes and pricing structures could
mean a missed opportunity or target.
• Thus Heineken UK placed a high priority on
developing an effective, user-friendly CRM
• Heineken UK operates as a wholesaler and

Gaining acceptance
• Rolled-out the improved SAP CRM system
across the whole of its UK workforce and
now has around 450 users operating
within the system
• Feedback from both the frontline and the
back office has become increasingly

CRM goals
• Existing CRM project had failed to deliver
and had some fundamental usability
• Aim: To get the information about the
customer into one place
• Single login for entire sales teams
• Mobility- To bring the sales force online
and provide a more intuitive user

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