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Dear Mr. Prime Minister
I am Dr. Natasha Tsiokos and I am a scientist of embryotic stem cells. We would much appreciate if we could have some funding and more availability of embryotic stem cells. Some of the unique properties of these stem cells is that they are unspecialized and to go into depth they have no specialized physiological properties. This makes the stem cells unique and interesting to research. Stem cells can divide and produce more copies. This process is called self-renewal. Stem cells also go through a process called differentiation. This means the stem cells produce specialized cell types. Some of the major differences between embryotic stem cells and adult stem cells is that embryotic stem cell can potentially develop into any cell in the body. Where as an adult stem cell is only able to mature into a specialized tissue. Embryotic stem cells can self-renew in huge numbers, in contrast adult stem cells are found in low numbers in the body. It is evident that embryotic stem cells have a wider research standing because there is much more to discover. Scientists use embryotic stem cells to make ES cells from the inner cell masses of human embryos by employing the same technique used to isolate mouse ES cells. These cells can be differenced to make many different specialized cell types in the laboratory. Stem cell research is widely recognized in other parts of the world. The United States generally limits the release of federal funding for embryotic stem cell research. Instead, it supports a small number of stem cell lines produced from embryos leftover. South Korea has made strong advancements in embryotic stem cell research. This is due to their flexible polices regarding research.

Dr. Natasha
Embryotic stem cell research

“Stem Cell Information” 28/4/2009, 26/3/2014 http://stemcells.nih.gov/info/basics/pages/basics2.aspx “Epigenesys”...
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