Hector V. Achilles

Topics: Iliad, Achilles, Priam Pages: 3 (1252 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Hector v. Achilles
In Homers Iliad many of the male characters display characteristics that define the heroic warrior code of ancient Greece. They try to obtain glory and power through victories in war; yet still have a distinct human side. Throughout many conflicts described in the Iliad their weaknesses and strengths appear evident. Two examples of this are Achilles and Hector. Both of these men try to uphold the warrior code but with distinctly different approaches in war, relationships and devotion to their country. Despite the differences and the opposing sides; they also have numerous similar traits which logically lead to a comparison between the two men. They both display behavior that could be described as heroic. The first way in which Achilles and Hector act differently is how they approach war. Achilles knows that he is destined to die in battle. Yet he still fights for his honor and glory. Achilles is known for his fierce and brutal antics in war. Many would come to think that he is not very heroic. He demonstrates the cold and brutal nature of war. When Agamemnon takes Brises, Achilles war prize, he refrains from fighting in battle. Achilles approach to war is primarily for the glory of his own name. His motives are purely aimed at the remembrance of his name, not the success of his country. All that he does in war is purely for personal gain. While his strength and courage in war is very heroic, his motives behind it are not so. One of Achilles only reason for fighting that could be honorable is when he fights for the death of Patrucles. His approach to war otherwise is purely for personal gain. Hector on the other hand has many reasons to fight in the battle. Hector is an honorable man who is loved by his country and family. He is an honorable warrior and his human morals are those considered of a hero. His approach to war is honor and glory for his country. He fights to keep his family and country safe. While some of Hectors actions seem...
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