Heaven Is Real

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Heaven is for real
Shannon Coleman
November 12, 2012
Eddie Gorden

Heaven is for Real
Heaven is Real is a very Popular book that came out as the number one best seller in the New York Times. There were over three Million copies that were printed. This is a very popular book for Christians and those that be leave should read. The book was written by a man name Todd Burpo this is a real story that he told about his son experiencing the afterlife. The Author Todd Burpo is a pastor at a church in the state of Nebraska he also works at a chase county public schools as a wrestling coach for junior high schools (pg161). He is a volunteer as a fire fighter for emergencies as a volunteer fire fighter association. He graduated from Oklahoma University with a BA and he became an ordained mister in 1994. This book is about a young boy who was going on a trip with his mother and father for their church and became very ill and had to stop off at a nearby hospital off the highway and end up dyeing in surgery, and that is where he says he meant Jesus and a sister that pass away a long time ago at birth to be exact. He also meant with his grandfather to. While he was dead he encounters a lot of events that he would not even know as a child. And he also had seen people that died before he was ever born. He was revived and came back to life where he begin tell some thins in his afterlife that he had experience. His father and mother were in denial of the experience until he was telling them stuff that he could not possible no. The mother was not sure at all but the father on the other hand starts be leaving things that he was saying so he starts asking his son question about heaven. The answers that he was getting were unbelievable and could not be explained. This is a beautiful book and will give you a look into heaven by a little boy who now be leaves heaven is real and it will make you feel the same way after it is read. The mother in the book goes by the name of...
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