heaven is for real

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9/2/13 Journal Entry#1 Pages: 1- 27

Sonja Burpo - Mother to Colton and Cassie. Has a master in Library Science. Plays on the adult softball team with her husband Todd.

Todd Burpo - Main character, author and narrator of the book. Father to Colton, Cassie and husband to Sonja. Works as a pastor for a small Christian church and has a garage door business as a side job.

Cassie Burpo - Oldest child of the Burpo family. Sister to Colton. And is said by her father to be “a slightly gangly 6 year old. Smart as a whip” (Burpo 3).

Colton - Second main character in the book. The youngest member of the Burpo family. Almost 4 years old. Colton was said to be: “...a smart, funny little guy with a black-and-white way of looking at life. Something was either fun (LEGOs) or it wasn’t (Barbies)” (Burpo 4).

Todd Burpo is a very strong believer in god. Breaks his leg, Gets kidney stone and has a cancer scare but over comes all his obstacles with the help of his family

Colton gets sick during dads work trip forcing Burpo family to head back home.“he was a smart, funny little guy with a black-and-white way of looking at life. Something was either fun (LEGOs) or it wasn’t (Barbies)” (Burpo 4).

Todd and Sonja were not receiving any answers from the Imperial Hospital on Colton’s diagnosis, the Burpo family heads to The North Platte Hospital to see if they can make Colton feel like himself again.

?Questions?: Does Colton actually die on page 27 when sonja says: “he was a smart, funny little guy with a black-and-white way of looking at life. Something was either fun (LEGOs) or it wasn’t (Barbies)” (Burpo 4).

Personal Reflection
In the book Heaven is for Real , I read about the Burpo family. I found it hard to connect to the character Todd Burpo because of his devout religious views on life. Although I was baptized, I grew up in a Unitarian Universalist home and was never educated on the bible, this makes it challenging to understand the many connections that are made by Todd during the book. From my reading so far, it seems as if Todd believes that everything we do is elicited by god. In other words Todd believes that everything has happened for a reason as gods greater plan for all of us.

9/3/13Journal Entry#2Pages: 28-59

Burpo family finds out that Colton’s appendix has ruptured. Colton begins to die slowly and is rushed in to surgery

Todd begins to take his rage out on God despite being a Pastor

I think soon in the story the readers and the Burpo family will learn about Colton’s trip to heaven

For me having Todd be a Pastor definitely changes how the book is written and how characters react to different situations.

Burpo family were struggling with paying the bills until friends, family and strangers begin to send money by mail to help out with paying the cost of Colton's surgery

Weird/New words: Humbling, Predding, Coaxing

Finally after many surgeries and being able to go home, the sign of life (pink cheecks, big smiles) begins to show up on Colton's face.

Personal Reflection
As a reader I realize that throughout Colton's healing process, Todd begins to act more as a father than a Pastor. This changes my views on the book because it allows me to look at Colton's experience through His father Todd without being hindered by the perspective of a religious leader. throughout the toughest times for the Burpo family Todd expresses his anger and sadness to the readers, something he hadn't done previously. I now realize that because he had shared his feeling I was able to make more of a connection and have a deeper understanding of the troubles he went through.

Isabella Phayre-Gonzalez
Summer Reading Assignment
English 9H/ Mr. Green

Summer Reading Assignment 2013-2014

9/2/13 Journal Entry#1Pages: 1- 27...
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