Heaven Is for Real

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Summer Reading Essay
This past summer, for my summer reading assignment, I read a book that made me realize what I want for myself in the future. “Heaven is for Real,” by Todd Burpo, is what I chose. It taught me some things and showed me even more. In certain experiences I learned that there is nothing else to do sometimes than believe in the Lord and listen to what He is telling you.

Life throws us many obstacles, things you struggle through. Usually this causes stress to whoever is going through these hardships. I learned that you have to look past everything that is happening right then in the present and look to the future because it could be a blessing in disguise. With my own, personal family this has happened and I’m sure it has with every other family out there. For the past year my family has been trying to sell our house and it has caused a lot of stress and anxiousness to our household but throughout the process I’d say it caused us to become closer. Which like I said previously is truly a blessing in disguise. God has a purpose for everything. Having a healthy relationship with the Man who essentially controls everything might not be such a bad idea. I always feel better when I go to church and really can connect with God and I want that to always be in my life, no matter what. This doesn’t mean that I’m saying that if you have God in your life everything will be great and nothing bad will ever happen. it’s just you might sleep better at night knowing that someone is looking out for you and will have your back in the long run.

The last thing I took away from this book is that you have to accept that bad things will happen on a daily bases that you can’t control. Just like Colton getting sick in the book, things happen. Move on, God has a plan for us all. You can’t waste your time thinking about the all the negative because you will never see any positives. You can’t reach that goal of being happy with your life if you only see the bad things...
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