Heaven Exists in a Six Tatami Mat, One Room, Second-Floor Apartment on Earth

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This how the story of two started......
The tale of a monster and a demon.....
 A cat and a flower.....
The time was midnight, the date was August 16, and the place where our story began was in the downtown of Kyrie City, the same city where Sanctuary resides.  
A youth with black, slightly long hair roamed the streets. Wearing simple black pants paired with coal colored converse shoes, a dark-grey hooded jacket and a white shirt. A red collar hanged at his neck with a bell attached to it , his face was unseen-able due to it being cover by the hood, his eyes where redder that red and maybe close to blood in color looked at the full moon.  

"Such a beautiful night~"
The youth gleefully said yet his expression was colder that ice. He took out his right hand that was shoved at his pocket, reaching out for the moon like he was trying to grab it. However, it was a failed attempt. It was impossible even in the world where he lived.  

He continued to roam around, finding something that might entertain him a bit. That's when a agonizing cry reached his ears. The youth's curiosity was triggered. He wanted to know what made such a shriek and who made the 'thing' scream so painful that it sends shivers to the youth. "Judging from the sound, its fifty meters away from my location." The young man said after analyzing the location where the cry came.  

He walked to an alley before running to a wall, climbing it then jumping at it and to the other wall that's behind him. The youth jumped from wall to wall till he reached the roofs. Like the wind, the youth jumped from one roof to the other until he was near the place where the scream came from. Lowering his head and his body laid on the roof as he take a peek on what's happening while he hid from the view of the people below.  

In a wide area, there were half a dozen of men, big men surrounded a petite girl that's wearing a blue and white frilly, cute dress. The girl has waist length black hair with blue tints on the ends. The youth, even from where he was, can tell the girl was beautiful and cute.  

On the other hand, one of the men was down on the ground, seriously wounded. His left arm was severed. No, that was incorrect. The man's arm was torn off, viciously torn off. 
Did that girl done that?
The youth's question was answered when clouds covered the night sky, covering the stars and the moon. Everything was dark even for the youth who had above normal eyesight also who was attuned to darkness. In the void of darkness, he heard numerous and simultaneous tormentingly, agonizing screams from the men. It was like a chorus of the men's final cries before they met their end. A shiver ran down at the youth's spine. But also fear pierced his cold heart.

With clouds concealing the moon and stars the passed by, lighting up the place again, the youth eyes saw such a gruesome sight. The bodies of the group of men scattered and tore bit by bit with the girl standing in center of the onslaught that happened. Clean without any trace of blood and smiling.

"Did that girl do that? Never mind that, I should get out of here..." The youth muttered to himself, his senses telling him to get away as far as he could.  
He slowly sat up before double backing and start to run away. However, as the young man jump from roof to roof through the night, he stopped at the rooftop of a building as the girl from before appeared.  

"I guess you saw 'that'?"  The girl asked as she examines the young man before her. "Is that rhetorical question or not? Also it’s amazing how you quickly caught up" The youth replied calmly.   
Even if its facing death, he can only stay calm and create a way for him to survive. Like how he did it for the past years.  
"With such an rude responds then I guess its yes and it easy to catch you. I knew that you're there. I just don't know if you’re watching or not." "Pretty much... before you kill me since to what I saw. How where you able to do that?...
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